Contracting Travel Service – Estimate Request

Requesting an estimate from the travel agency is not compulsory: reservation of tickets and accommodation may be made directly.

Nevertheless, an estimate can be requested previously in order to compare prices and acquire more economical tickets or accommodation, as long as this is done through the Corte Inglés travel agency (Viajes El Corte Inglés, S.A.). In this case, for subsequent processing of the expenditure record, the highest estimate (for the same service) issued by Viajes El Corte Inglés, S.A. must be presented.

All the information requested on the form should be provided. In the section for ‘observations’ you can add specific services that are not included in the standard form, such as accommodation in specific hotels, desirable characteristics for seat reservations or reservation of seats with special requirements on means of transport, the purchase of low-cost airline tickets, or other information, such as the number authorizing a discount for large family, a gold card or other discount privileges or the number of your AVE card, Iberia Plus card or other loyalty cards that you might wish to use.

This form may be filled in and sent by the person who is going to travel, by the head of the cost centre or his/her representative, or by the authorized administrative service.

The form may be sent on-line. To do so, after filling in the data, click on ENVIAR (SEND). The form will be sent automatically to the travel agency and will generate a printable receipt.

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