Prior authorization for travel and assignment of activity code

Prior authorization makes it possible to assign an activity code (How to generate a code) and report it to the travel agency so that it can subsequently be quoted by the individuals who are going to be travelling when they make their individual requests for reservations of tickets and accommodation.

This form may be sent online and must be completed by the USAL employee in charge of organizing the activity, be it the head of the cost centre, his or her representative, or the corresponding administrative service. For this reason identification is requested for access.

On the form please fill in the name of the activity and its code, the number of persons travelling and a list of their names, if known.

Once the activity code has been generated and the form processed, report the code to the participants in the activity and inform them that they may request reservations for tickets and accommodation using the form available at
Individuals who are going to travel and who must advance payment that will subsequently be processed for reimbursement should also be informed of this point.
This same form can be used to make changes in the initial authorization.

After completion of the form, click ENVIAR (SEND). This will send the form online to the travel agency. You may print the complete form to keep a copy.

Access to the form for completion: assignment activity code

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