Virtual Records Office

In order to use the Virtual Records Office services you need:

  1. Browser: Microsoft Explorer 7 or higher.
  2. Set up your browser as follows (Only the first time).

The Virtual Records Office is an alternative platform offered by the USAL which aims to facilitate the submission of applications and general written communication.

In order to access the Virtual Records Office the user needs an advanced electronic signature certificate, as established in the Act 59/2003 regarding Electronic Signature passed on the 19th December. The accepted electronic signature certificates must abide by the regulations established by the ITU X.509 version 3 or higher (ISO/IEC 9594-8 in 1997).

The user will need the digital certificate Class 2 issued free of charge by the National Factory of Currency and Stamp Duty. Also, users can employ those certificates which, in accordance with the relevant Act, garantee the identity, autenticity, and integrity of the digital documents and are compatible with the USAL technical system.


lf you need to acquire a digital certificate, please follow the following guidelines.

             Orden reguladora                                Access Registry

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